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Self Employment

for Mature People


In 2016, we launched a stand-alone social-purpose business called Silver & Wise. Our founder wrote three books on the topic of self-employment, starting a business and ageism. Silver & Wise is now a division

of Blue Frog Marketing and you can access our books and services here. 



Our mission at Silver & Wise is to provide resources to mature people over 40 years of age who are looking at future plans for self-employment or starting a business. Often, this is the result of work based age discrimination and difficulties in finding a job. We aren't an employment agency. We are for those wanting to explore self-employment. Our founder has been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and our team helped thousands of aspiring mature age business owners through a government grant from 2017-2023. We now focus on making our books, and short educational courses based on those books available to anyone who needs them. 

The Experience Trilogy

Our three books written by Hunter Leonard are available on AMAZON. Click the image of the books to buy online. 

Generation Experience - for aspiring mature business owners

The Experience Equation - Future Plans and Self Employment

Maturity Blues - what government, organisations and individuals can do to create a more mature world at work

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We're currently developing a series of short courses on business ownership and self-employment. We'd welcome your feedback, experience and wisdom about what you'd like to know about running a business or being self-employed. We've surveyed tens of thousands of people on these topics and are planning some exciting course content and membership programs for you. In the meantime, we have a beta version of the Generation Experience Book Course Available on Request for a 50% discount on the launch price of $88+gst. You will get to be one of the first to review the course, and if you desire provide feedback on the book and the content. All for just $44+gst. Send an email to if you'd like to gain early access. 

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