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Ask us about our 8 Rooms Model and RAPID Marketing Model.

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Business Diagnostic

Do you want to be a better business owner? Are you stuck in the day to day of running your business? Dreaming of being more prosperous and with more time on your hands? 

We recommend you consider our introductory Business Diagnostic Service. Over several sessions, we'll work through the 8 Rooms for business success with you. We'll start with you completing a personal and honest reflection and benchmark of your own skills in each room. You'll join thousands of business owners who have completed this benchmark. 

Next, we'll schedule several one on one online meetings with your to review each room, and to build a bespoke report on you and your business. 

This report is backed by the experience of ten thousand other business owners, and our two decades of working with business owners. This is far superior to the 'opinion' of some business guru, and will set you up for a more prosperous future with detailed actions plans in each room to help you being the journey to a stronger, better business. It will also set you up to become a more competent business owner. The rewards are immeasurable when you know these rooms and the key actions you need to take in each room in order to succeed. 

Our clients report this diagnostic as an invaluable turning point in their journey as a business owner, and we're sure you will too.


We care about your journey, and back this service as the best way to learn about the 8 Rooms and set a plan for the future. 



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8 Rooms Workshop

If you run a larger organisation with multiple executives helping you run your business, our 8 Rooms Interviews and Workshop may be for you.

This is a significant consulting engagement with our team, with every executive completing the 8 Rooms Benchmark, for your own Organisational Heatmap. We then interview yourself and each executive in preparation for a 1-2 day off site workshop with your team to map out your future business strategy using the 8 Rooms Model. 

Multiple executives with multiple viewpoints all brought together into one focussed future plan.

This will lift your alignment to new levels by introducing a shared view of the business, and your future goals. 

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Marketing Diagnostic

Should your needs be more focussed on the marketing area of your business, we recommend you consider a Diagnostic service based on our R.A.P.I.D Proprietary Model. Our executives have decades of experience in marketing, running complex brand launches and managing multi-million dollar budgets. We've also worked with businesses to extract amazing results from more modest budgets in smaller businesses. 

Our benchmark and planning sessions will finally help you become confident in your marketing model for your business. 

This model has delivered revenue growth in excess of $2 billion dollars for over 500 clients. Whilst focussed, it is highly valued and high impact. It will prove once and forever that strategy trumps tactics any day of the week and put you on the road to successful marketing. 

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