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All of our books on marketing are available for sale online at AMAZON. Just click on the book title to go straight to the online order page. If you'd prefer a paperback rather than e-book, send us a request and we'll be in touch to organise payment and a signed copy for you.

Our purpose in writing books is to allow anyone to access our successful methods in a cost effective medium allowing you to DO IT YOURSELF. 

red giraffe

Red Giraffe is a book all about setting and getting your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS Goals. Hunter and Reggie the Red Giraffe share tips on scaling new heights to reach your goals. This book went straight to #1 Hottest New Release in three separate categories on AMAZON. Get your copy online at AMAZON by clicking on the book image now, or contact us for a printed copy direct from the Blue Frog team here on our square site -


Get your Marketing Cooking presents our five step strategic marketing model using the analogy of cooking and recipes. It also forms the basis of one of our most popular marketing workshops.

In order to get your marketing right, you have to add the right ingredients in the right order. And of course taste test it too.


In Marketing Has No Off Switch we explore in detail a proven methodology for developing a marketing strategy - which will work for any business small or large. Also included are multiple case studies and resources.


How to Get More Customers answers the biggest challenge that business owners face. In surveys of more than 10000 business owners, we found that business owners really struggle with marketing to new customers. We present 101 tips to get you started on the journey to having more customers than you could ever dream of.

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