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Marketers have Forgotten how to Communicate

One of the bedrock principles of great marketing is to understand the customer, the market and the competition, so you can establish a marketing position for your business.

A market positioning statement isn’t a wish. It is a carefully crafted statement of where you want to be positioned in the marketplace and to whom. And equally important is a statement of why that customer should believe you.

It is a proposition that you are aiming for with smartly planned and creatively executed marketing communication.

But marketers - I’m afraid - have forgotten how to communicate.

Or maybe it is just those marketers or business consultants on Linkedin.

I’m not sure and I’d be interested in your thoughts and opinions.

Most of the so called ‘communication’ on Linkedin is closer to vomit that communication.

It is just spewed out in any direction without any thought of who it might be hitting or how they might consider it.

It’s been a long long time since a connection on Linkedin reached out to me to ask me if I would answer a few questions about their service or product area in order to understand my needs.

It’s been longer still since someone asked for permission to just send irrelevant, pompous, “I’ve got the greatest solution in the world” and “aren’t I the best” style messages.

To be blunt I hate being shouted at - which is what most of the Linkedin promotion seems to be.

I hate it even more if the person clearly hasn’t even checked the most basic details on who I am and what I do.

From someone with over three decades in the strategic marketing industry, I’m appalled at the poor level of strategy and communication.

And yet!

I also know that good research, turned into smart strategy actually works far better than spewing poorly targeted, un-researched crap out to anyone you can find.

To prove a point, we’ve helped over 500 clients generate over $2billion in revenue growth in the last twenty years. All based on research and strategic planning.

Let’s get back to some proper strategic marketing - and actually survey the audience we want to target - find out their needs and wants, what is important to them.

Then our marketing communication - well written - might have half a chance of landing and getting their attention and interest.

Rant over. Marketers take note.

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