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Making Decisions in your Marketing

Many of you will know about our R.A.P.I.D Marketing Model. We've been using this simple five step model to plan, implement and measure better marketing strategies for our clients since 2001. And I've presented the model to over 10,000 business owners around Australia and New Zealand. It's been the subject of several books, seminars and it also now the core engine of our R.A.P.I.D Marketing Centre, which offers cost effective access to our strategic tools, and mentoring and coaching from our strategic advisors.

My passion is to make better strategy available to all business owners.

I thought I'd share this marketing decision tree with you today.

It really summarises the R.A.P.I.D Model and provides the key decision points so you know when each stage of the model is complete and you can move on to the next.

Mark Ritson, who is Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School has been bemoaning the lack of strategic thinking amongst marketers and business owners in recent articles.

Many marketers, and business owners are too quick to jump to tactics. The implement step on our marketing model. Over 80% have no marketing plan, less than 5% are measuring their marketing for results.

Take a close look at this decision pathway. You must start with Research and you can't move to Analyse until you know enough about your market and customers. You can't move on from Analyse until you know enough about yourself, the competition and market trends. You can't start implementing until you know your value proposition, and when you do implement you must pilot and measure.

I hope you find the pathway useful, happy to receive comments anytime, and of course this doesn't cover all the detail. But you can read about that in my books.

This is just a short summary document, but one that is very powerful nonetheless.

Enjoy the read.



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