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TM AGRICULTURAL is the flagship product from Goulburn based Best Environmental Technologies. Run by a school mate - Darren Falconer - this company is revolutionising the use of organic products in Australian agricultural. Predominantly a chemical based industry in the past, more and more farmers are turning to organic solutions to reduce or abolish their use of chemical herbicides and pesticides.

This product has been proven to restore the interconnected relationship between the soil, micro-organisms and plants. 

When used on a crop, it can massively reduce the need for fertilisers.

Best has developed a simple, easy to apply process that awakens dormant soil microbes, unlocking tied up nutrients and making them plant available. The result is healthy, aerated soil, rich in nutrients and robust plants that are healthy and more resistant to disease and pests.

Farmers can also reduce the need for pesticides and fungicides over time, and often see an increase in yield from their crop too.

With less inputs, profit can be higher too.

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