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GuardIT are a company fully committed to providing green and safe alternatives in the cleaning product market. They have a number of amazing products that have turned old school practices on their head.

Take for example their GAR product. GAR is short for Green Acid Replacement.

For many years, brickies and builders have cleaned bricks using sulphuric acid. This is a terribly dangerous product, not only for the person handling it, but also the environment around it.

So much so, there are strict regulations on the safety gear you need to wear when applying it to bricks. Imagine your basic end of the world, Centre for Disease Control yellow suits and you’d be pretty close.

GAR is a safe, easy to use and apply alternative that works.

Good for the user, good for the environment.

GAR and other products like their Graffiti Cleaner are available from one of clients in Melbourne. Melbourne Brick have three display superstores and an online store where you can purchase the GuardIT range.

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