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The FIVE Step Method to Marketing Success

Over the past twenty years, we've written marketing plans for more than 500 companies and helped them deliver more than $2 billion in revenue growth.

It would be fair to say we've seen our share of both good and bad marketing.

But in reality, there is only one distinction that counts - whether your marketing works or not.

We've seen the simplest black & white brochures deliver hundreds of customers to a local business, and we've seen TV Advertising costing in the hundreds of thousands deliver a sales decrease.

In order to develop marketing that works, you need to do what most business owners fail to do.

That is follow these five steps.

They are the five steps we follow with every customer - no matter how big or small they are.

Good, successful marketing ALWAYS requires good planning.

Over 80% of businesses we've surveyed start at the fourth step in this 5 step model.

And that is the number one reason their marketing fails, or that they are not confident in their marketing.

What are the five steps?

1. Research - survey your customers, competitors and the market to understand the needs and wants of customers in your market

2. Analyse - look over this research and match market needs to your ability to deliver on those needs

3. Plan - decide what market position you will take, your value proposition, your objectives and the resources you will put towards attaining those goals

4. Implement - begin your chosen marketing campaigns, which will be made more obvious by all the research you have done. Test a few different campaigns 5. Detect - measure everything and reinforce(put more budget to) anything that works, whilst stopping anything that does not work as soon as possible

This is a self correcting system and if you use it well, you cannot fail to find marketing that works for your business. Try and start at the campaign or implement step like many business owners without knowing anything about customer needs or competitor activity or your strengths and weaknesses and you are bound to fail.

I trust you find this useful.

Read my book - Get your Marketing Cooking which is available on AMAZON for more detail on this marketing model.

It works, and we've proven it over twenty years of helping clients.

Enjoy your day.


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