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We've always been fans of doing something different. Of avoiding fixed market attitudes to the way marketing is done in that industry. You actually see this all the time. One company starts a particular campaign, and all the others follow. In this case, we had an industry that was fixated on letterbox drops and other 'traditional' marketing that could not be proven to be effective. 

We developed a campaign which made us proud that connected our client to the local community.

With sporting and school partnerships, our client was able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue, and tens of thousands in donations to local community organisations. 

As a 'cherry on top' we created a community HEROES awards night, and there were literally tears as each partner club got to recognise one of their own at an awards ceremony that achieved almost mythical status in the local area. 

Revenue growth - tick

Good corporate citizen - tick

Effective marketing - tick

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